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retirement planning

Getting to retirement funding a little late?

Everyone knows that getting to the first $1 million is the hardest part of reaching a powerful tax free retirement.

What if someone loaned it to you?

We can explain powerful options for catching up on retirement funding for qualified professionals, entrepreneurs and medical practitioners.

Welcome to Retirement Strategies 2013. We provide what are known as Leveraged Planning® programs – powerful strategies which can fill the holes in your retirement plan or your financial strategy. By utilizing leverage, these strategies provide a powerful opportunity for creation of wealth, custom planning for your business, and many other options.

Leveraged Planning® programs are primarily concerned with the conservative part of your portfolio. Ideally, they provide stable costs and benefits over time, or allow for greater flexibility in your business planning.  They combine a powerful loan program with a stable investment product, to create a conservative system for retirement, wealth creation or business planning.

Our Leveraged Planning® products give you access to robust, efficient, reliable financial products, that can be used to structure a sound portfolio.  They can even create the possibility of a degree of asset protection, depending on your state’s laws.

Some of the best-funded and strongest financial firms fund and back these innovative and powerful programs.

Are you ready to fund your future?

Please read through our materials and watch our explanatory video, then contact us to learn more and to receive a personalized proposal to put your retirement planning, estate planning, wealth transfer or legacy planning on overdrive.